Is It Safe To Raise A Child With Only Vegan Products?

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Vegan Diet

With regards to infants and veganism, it seems that everybody is more concerned about safety than anything else. So, we often come across questions like this: “Is it OK for an infant to not consume meat, fish, eggs, or dairy products?” Several pediatricians say that it is usually safe for an infant to be on a vegan diet. Read on to know more pieces of information about this matter.

Is Breast Milk Vegan?

Of course, it is. The question is bizarre but more bizarre is the fact that some even ask it. While breast milk technically comes from an animal, consuming it does not raise any ethical conflict. Look at the veganism definition, and then you will understand why that is the case. From the definition, it is clear that veganism aims to stop animal cruelty and animal exploitation.

The milk originates from a person, and it is for another human being. So, there is no question of ethical conflict in the case of feeding an infant breast milk.

Does It Mean Any Kid Can Follow The Diet?

Not necessarily. In some cases, having only vegan consumer goods may not be the best thing for kids. For instance, a picky eater or a kid with feeding difficulty perhaps has a higher possibility of being short on essential nutrients. A health issue that makes your kid unable to consume food or digest it, is possibly a different reason to not give them only vegan products.

Do you feel that your kid has any of the above-mentioned-type health conditions? If yes, then discuss with a pediatrician whether it is a good idea to not give that child certain animal-based food items.

The fats and proteins that come from animals and that promote growth are perhaps beneficial to preterm babies. Was your kid born before you stayed in the state of being pregnant for 37 weeks? If yes, the pediatrician might just suggest a more diverse diet up to the time your kid catches up on body weight.

Another factor to consider when deciding whether to make your infant follow this diet is what they may be allergic to. Some kids are allergic to soy, seeds, nuts and so forth. If your kid also has these food allergies, then it could be difficult to make their fully plant-based diet work as the diet consists of the above and many other food items.