Fabrics For Vegans

Vegan Diet
Vegan Diet
Fabrics For Vegans
Fabrics For Vegans

Veganism is not limited to avoiding all animal foods from your diet. The ‘vegan’ way of life is much more than that. Vegans do not use any products that are derived from animals. It means animal-derived fabrics like wool are not a vegan thing. In this article, we give you a list of fabrics that are 100 percent vegan friendly.


Linen is known for its durability and its property that makes it softer and stronger – the longer it is used. Linen is perfect for keeping you cool because it releases moisture into the air quickly. It does not take much time to dry and is non-allergenic.

Organic Cotton 

Since it is grown without using chemicals, the organic cotton industry does not cause any harm to the environment. Cotton crop is known to improve soil quality and requires less water during their growth. Cotton can be cleaned and dried faster than wool.


Dried seaweed is mangled and ground as the first step. It is then introduced into the cellulose fiber to make a material known as SeaCell – a type of textile. Brown algae used to make this material are known to have properties that activate cell regeneration, limit inflammation, re-mineralize skin, and soothe itchiness. Due to its porous structure, Seacell fibers boost the intake and release of moisture, thereby keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Beech Tree Fiber 

Modal is a rayon fiber made from the renewable fiber of the beech tree. As its base material is derived from a natural source, modal is often referred to as a natural-synthetic. The fabric made of modal resembles silk in softness. Additionally, it drapes and dyes easily. In order to retain its shape and size, you wouldn’t need to iron it.


Soy fabric is a byproduct of the soybean industry and is relatively new in the market of eco-friendly fabrics. It is soft like silk, durable like cotton, and offers warmth like cashmere. It is popular by the name – vegetable cashmere.


They are popularly called as Lyocell. The material is made from wood pulp. It is manufactured using environmentally friendly processes. As a naturally wrinkle material, lyocell is an excellent substitute for silk. It is soft and can be washed and dyed. Furthermore, it is woven to resemble the qualities of wool, moleskin, leather, or suede.

Choosing to replace animal-derived lifestyle products with vegan items is a significant step that ensures animal welfare. Vegans’ school of thought emphasizes avoiding any form of cruelty against animals for the sake of our welfare.