Common Mistakes People Commit While Growing Indoor Plants

People usually buy indoor plants with great enthusiasm and get disappointed after few weeks when they see their plants dying. They think that it might be because of some disease or worms. Most people do not realize that the actual reason for the death of their indoor plants.

Many of us do not have enough experience with indoor plants and tend to make some mistakes that could lead to the plant’s death.

Here are some of the common mistakes that people make with indoor plants.

Placing Them Directly Towards Sunlight

People usually assume that plants need a lot of sunlight to grow. Well, it is not true because there are several indoor plants that can live in very low light. Most plant species do not need direct bright sunlight because it is very harsh. Therefore, you should ensure that your indoor plants are not facing east or west. Always, place the plants near the window but make sure that direct sunlight is not falling on them.


This is probably the most common mistake people do when growing indoor plants. Overwatering is one of the main causes of indoor plant death. People don’t realize that some plants do not require too much water to survive. Some species like succulents and cacti prefer to grow on dry soil. They can even survive for months without water. Watering succulents weekly can kill them and therefore make sure that you are giving only an adequate amount of water to your plants.

Thinking All Plants Need Extra Care

It is very important for you to note that most indoor plants are low-maintenance. You may think that indoor plants need a lot of care to grow up. However, most indoor plants can live with less water and low sunlight. Indoor plants like cacti and succulents can live without water for months. If you need to know more about low-maintenance plants, you can search online.

Moving Plants Everywhere

Another mistake that most people make is moving the plants across their houses all the time. When they feel that the plant is not looking good at some corner of their house, they move it to another place. These changes can disrupt the growth of the plant. Sometimes people also re-pot the plants often, which accelerates their death.

Not Checking The Roots

When you buy plants online, you should not do it for the sake of just decorating your house. Indoor plants can offer some health benefits too. Therefore, it is important to take care of it. However, most people forget to check the roots when they outgrow the pot. You need to re-pot the plant to a bigger container when the roots outgrow.