Do These Things To Destroy Your Quality Of Life

Vegan Diet
Vegan Diet
Vegan Diet
Vegan Diet

Taking your body for granted has several repercussions, and surprisingly this is one of the things that many of us don’t get. There is a price to be paid for endlessly stuffing your mouths with creamy cheese, red meat grilled burgers and chugging down gallons of carbonated sugary drinks in the course of one’s life. All of this translates, to your well-being and health.

But if you feel that you have the longer end of the stick just because you follow a vegan diet and eat only vegan consumer goods, then you would be terribly wrong. There are several non-nutritional factors that we end up throwing to the wayside and this in turn is the exact opposite of what vegan eating was supposed to do.

We shall be taking a look at two of these…

Getting Your Sleep Cycle Screwed Up

Sleep is by far one of the most important things your body does in a day, ironically. When you have a skewed sleep cycle, it affects many facets of your body’s healthy functioning. Poor sleep has been linked to several ailments including depression, inattention, insulin resistance, obesity, weakened and impaired immune system, increased risks of heart ailments, high blood pressure, tiredness and fatigue, chances of fatal accidents and death- doesn’t seem like a happy list.

Adults should get in at least 6-7, preferably 8 hours of sleep a day. if you are someone who has to fight against insomnia, then visiting a doctor would help you set things right. You can also try out the tips that we recommend:

  • All screens, this includes computers, laptops and mobile phones, are all kept away an hour before sleeping. The white light from these device screens throw off the delicate balance and tip your circadian sleep cycle way off!
  • Meditation can help you sync in, lower your heart rate and help you stay centered and relaxed. All of these aid in improving sleep quality and help you stay asleep for longer. This way, you will wake up the next morning completely rested. Meditate for around 20 mins with all distractions away from you. Be at a quiet space where you can be left to yourself, undisturbed.
  • Go to bed at the same time and get off of it at the same time. Having a schedule allows your body to anticipate when to ease off. when you have a fixed time to sleep, say 22:00hrs, then your body will automatically prime itself for sleep when the clock hits 22:00hrs. Having a dramatically different “weekday” and “weekend” schedule won’t do anything, but induce you into a jet lag every Monday- Who wants Mondays to be worse than they already are?!
  • Avoid eating late. Flexing your chef skill before you go to sleep, especially with something heavy isn’t advised. You will feel bloated and tired the next morning.
  • Exercise daily. It is a way for your body to tire out. Exercise triggers a rise in the body temperature, and post-workout causes a drop in body heat which is beneficial in helping you fall asleep.
  • Even if you can’t sleep, don’t restlessly move around in bed. Instead, get a book to read or do something soothing such as hearing to slow and calming music. Whatever you do, no screens an hour before you sleep!
  • Avoid taking naps through the day. If you are an afternoon ‘napper’, make the sleep as brief. One of the main causes of insomnia is because you get too much sleep during the day, which can cause you to stay sleepless during the night.

Not Connect With Nature More

Step out of your cubicle and get some fresh air for a change. One thing that we collectively have reduced is getting out and getting some sun. Getting out is a way to connect with something larger than yourself- nature. Humble yourself by knowing that you are nothing but an insignificant speck in the universe. We think our food comes from the grocery store, our power comes from the power sockets and our clothes are in cloth stores. All of this is ‘rearranged’ nature.

Every day from around 10 AM, put your footwear on and take a walk out in the sun. Allow the sunrays to soak into the skin for a while, and then you can put in the sunscreen. Now with the sun on you, walk around and be mindful of the rustling of the trees in the wind and the crow that caws on the electric lines. All of this helps to ground you.

To enhance the effect, you can even get a yoga mat to an open clearing, where you can practice yoga or meditation. You will be calmer and relaxed, as a result. Your outlook towards life actually changes for the better and you start to enjoy the little things in it.

Implement these two along with vegan eating, and reap the benefits of a prolonged and healthy life!